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“Digital Media Solutions of Beauty & Performance Without Compromise”

At Creative1Media, our team has a proven track record with over 25 years of Experience working with an extremely diverse array of clients from New Technology Start Ups & Corporations to Small Businesses, Several “A-List” Clients, and National “Household Name” Brands across a variety of industries including International Auto Manufacturers & Recording Artists, Even Wall Street Moguls & Publicly Traded Companies…

At Creative1Media we work to ensure OUR CLIENTS Best Interests come first! They choose us because they share our belief with regard to the Monumental Importance of Creating & Developing Highly Successful Marketing & Advertising that work in SYNERGY to effectively convert their target audiences into new and recurring customers. We create complete Online & Offline Digital Marketing Solutions which include Web Development, Web Site Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, as well as FULL Social Media Development, Marketing & Management Campaigns, not to mention COMPLETE Commercial Video Production, Post Production Video Editing & Creative Special FX/ VFX work for both TV & Web Advertising with VSEO service available by request.



“Creative1Media is a Complete Marketing Arsenal!”

Each individual Creative1Media team member has been carefully hand picked after undergoing intensive and rigorous screening protocol which have been implemented as a method of accurately gauging their level of skill, strengths and weaknesses.

All members of the Creative1Media are uniquely qualified, specializing in at least one or more essential elements inherently associated with at least one or more of today’s successful Digital Media Arts & Marketing Platforms. Creative1Media exists for the sole purpose of providing a seamlessly integrated Single Source marketing Platform geared to satisfy the needs of today’s largest National / International Corporate clients and then doing our best to give back to the community and make as many positive contributions to society as possible.

At Creative1Media, our highly skilled team members have been working diligently innovating to streamline the process involved when calibrating & launching a full scale digital media marketing campaign. Our team specializes in larger National / International corporate accounts and new product launches, seamlessly delivering a Complete Marketing Assembly of services while effectively providing a one source Multimedia Solution for high caliber, high impact marketing campaigns worldwide.

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Creative1Media is a creative digital multimedia marketing & advertising firm specializing in 3D Rendering, Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Production & Post Production services including Special FX / VFX work. We also build Custom Web Sites creating precision designs, stunning digital experiences and promising brand identities.

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At Creative1Media we provide a complete and dynamic array of high impact video production services, from capturing special events to full budget 3D animation & FX filled commercial TV ads. Creative1Media can provide you with a full crew for big projects, to one cinematographer for simpler projects.

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Considering the amazing advancements in Marketing, Advertising, and Communication technologies it is easy to comprehend how extremely vital Motion Graphics have become in relation to the future of national, international, and even global marketing strategy development. If a Picture is worth a thousand words than it would be fair to say that “a Motion must be worth a million”. The time to evolve and grow is now, we invite you to join us in our mission to innovate and revolutionize Multimedia Marketing. The Creative1Media project team specializes in 3D Animation, 3D Rendering & Motion Graphic Design. Our team Members have worked with some of the biggest names and most exclusive clients in the industry today.


At Creative1Media we provide a complete and dynamic array of high impact video production services, from capturing special events to full budget 3D animation & FX filled commercial TV ads. Creative1Media can provide you with a full crew for big projects, to one cinematographer for simpler projects.


We use only the best in editing and post production software found in Industry Standard tools like Adobe Creative Suite & Final Cut Pro. Our team is not only eager to help you develop and your vision for your Video Production project, but also eager to do what we do best and help bring the product of your imagination to life.

Our post production also includes audio engineering studios and customized graphics to deliver amazing final results for projects ranging from TV & Web commercial spots to infomercials, educational & corporate training videos. If you’re ready to dive into the incredible world of HD Video, Creative1Media is ready to make it happen!

Please review some samples of our Video Production & Post Editing work in our Video Gallery.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the only skills one can possess which incorporate a mixture of Art and Science. Also known as SEO for short, it is one of the most vital, complex, and intricate skill sets to be found in Business world as we know it today. It is a discipline which many have attempted but few will ever master. It is also one of the most ambiguous trades known to man. Due to its ability to ensure success for businesses operating in almost any category, the truly effective techniques are most often guarded like buried treasure. At Creative1Media we harness the power of these methods to fortify our efforts to reach your corporate goals and ultimate success. Regardless of if you are in need of a full scale PPC also known as a “Pay Per Click” campaign or if you are looking to dominate day in and day out in the “Organic Search” then you have come to the right place. At Creative1Media our team of highly skilled SEO specialists will work diligently under the supervision of our resident SEO guru Robert, will work to facilitate the most advantageous R.O.I. scenario possible to satisfy your specific business needs.


Aside from work slated for release in digital format, Creative1Media also provides a full array of Print Media Design Services including Corporate Identity bundles for clients who purchase packages including SEO and, or Web Design / Web Development Services .

Remember, the Creative1Media team is the only source you need to satisfy all your marketing needs when launching a successful local, national or international corporate marketing campaign. Our print design services include but are not limited to Magazine & Newspaper Ads, Billboard Design, Product & Sales Training Manual Design, Employee Handbooks, Brochures and Advertisements for Direct Mail Services.

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At Creative1Media we strive to increase your return on investment , by creating a marketing & advertising campaign for your business where all vital components of your target marketing strategy are engineered by our team of Digital Multimedia Experts working together in a carefully calibrated workflow designed to perform in a seamless fashion resulting in a streamlined and effective client or customer experience that is dedicated to excellence in service and the delivery of virtually the finest digital Multimedia content works available in the industry today.

We work with an extremely experienced network of Models and Voice Talents in order to be able to fulfill a wide variety of Television and Radio Advertising projects.



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